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You can now make national, cell and international calls for a fraction of the existing Telkom costs over your existing adsl broadband connection.Our Voicesource Voip network,will route calls to your destination over your internet connection (adsl, leased line etc).

Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip) is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a adsl / leased line connection, instead of a regular (analogue) Telkom phone line.With our Voip switching centre, you may call other people who have reqistered with this service for free.As a registered user you may call anyone who has a regular Telkom telephone number - including national, mobile and international numbers.  

There are three ways of using the Voip switching centre for your telephone calls.The first is to use a softphone with a computer headset or USB phone, which are both available on our site.The second method is to purchase a Voip adaptor which is connected to your existing adsl router and to a normal analogue telephone.Lastly a Voip phone can be connected directly to your internet connection.For businesses, a Voip gateway is connected to your Telkom lines or PABX telephone system. 

Voip converts your voice from your telephone mouthpiece into a digital signal and is then routed over the internet.If you are calling a regular phone number, the signal is then converted back by our Voip switching centre into voice at the other end.If you are using an adaptor and normal analogue telephone, you will dial as you normally would on a regular line.The Voip switching centre will provide you with dial tone, as well as an internet phone number. 

As you can see, Voip is a simple technology and what it means for the user is that the user can conduct a two way conversation with someone else, utilising their broadband internet connection at considerably low telephone costs.The Voip switching centre network, routes your call to it's destination in real time and with crystal clear quality.

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Yealink SIP T9 IP Phone
Yealink SIP T9 IP Phone
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3.Yealink SIP T9 IP Phone
4.Siemens E495 DECT Cordless Phone
5.Yealink SIP T20P IP Phone
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QT 208 DECT cordless PABX
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EyeSDN USB 1 x BRI (2 x channels) Voice logging
EyeSDN USB 1 x BRI (2 x channels) Voice logging
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