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Voip General Questions

Q: What is the difference between Prepaid/virtual calling cards and Voice calls over my ADSL internet connection.
A: With prepaid virtual cards you are not required to be near or have an internet connection to make cheaper international calls.The user is given a pin code which is tied to their account.All that is required is to dial voicesource's local numbers from any landline,cellular phone or pay phone where you will be prompted for your pin code.Thereafter you may dial your international number.

To make calls over your ADSL internet connection you will be required to purchase/use a VOIP device which may be in the form of a softphone(GVSC),a IP phone,an analogue telephone adapter or gateways for PABX use. Please note call rates over a ADSL internet connection are cheaper than prepaid calling cards, but all calls a cheaper than your  current traditional landline.

Q: What will it cost me to get calling?

A:The service is free for IP to IP calling.If you wish to call someone who only has access to the regular phone network,then you will be required to purchase voip airtime.
You may use our free softphone(a PC is required)or you may purchase an IP Phone or analogue Telephone adapter.(These connect directly to your broadband router).

Q: Is there support?

A: Absolutely.We offer full support on all products/services purchased from us

Q: Do I have to buy a phone or ata?

A: No,you can use our free "soft" phone. Please note all our devices are shipped pre-programmed if purchased from our site.We do not support other products.

Q: What will my phone number be?

A: Once you have registered a Voip account we will activate this on the global voip switching system and you will be emailed with your number and passwords.

Q: What numbers can be called?

A: You can call other people who have registered on the GVSC (global voip switching system) for free by simply dialling their Ip phone number or by purchasing Voip airtime vouchers you can call International,cellular and national regular numbers at cheaper rates from your IP device.

Q: How do we dial the telephone numbers?

A: All telephone numbers are dialled as you do at present on your Telkom line.There is no difference.EG Gauteng -  011 23456789 ie. area code + number required.International calls are the same code + area code + number required.

 Q: How does it sound?

A: It depends on the codec (analog to digital converter) that you and your destination party use. Voicesource uses the G729a codec and our calls are of good quality.It will also depend on how busy your network is.

Q: Can I surf the Internet while I'm talking?

A: Yes!

Q: What is a SIP phone/adapter?

A: SIP stands for Session Internet Protocol. It is a very common standard for setting up calls between devices.Voicesource uses SIP phones and adapters. An ata (Analogue telephone adapter) connects at one end to your ethernet broadband modem and at the other to your normal analogue telephone. If you are still not sure please contact us.

Q: What is broadband?

A: Broadband is typically considered anything faster than a dial-up modem connection. Examples would be: ADSL, Cable modem, ISDN, T1.

Q: What is NAT?

A: NAT stands for Network Address Translation.This is a form of firewall that makes opening channels to phones inside it difficult.

Q: Is a computer required to make calls?

A: No. In fact,making a call through a traditional style IP phone or adapter is easier and more natural. With the softphone software you would need a PC headset with microphone or USB phone.

Q: Can I use dial up modem?

A: No, it is not recommended. The speed and bandwidth on these connections are to slow and small.

Q: What types of IP phones do you have?

A: Please see IP phone pages for your options.

Q: How do I configure it?

A: All purchased devices from this site are pre-configured before being despatched. All that needs to be done is for the device to be plugged into your spare ethernet port on your broadband router.You may if you wish, check out our documentation on our site for quick start guides.

Q: Do you provide quick start guides?

A: Yes, Click here

Q: Who can I call?

A: Everyone. This includes IP to IP dialling,International,national and cellular calls.

Q: When can I call?

A: Anytime, day or night. Please note to call regular numbers you will need prepaid voip airtime.

Q: Can you explain the use of ‘PSTN pass through’ and ‘FXO port’? 

 A: PSTN Pass through port:
What it can do:
- Local manual switching between PSTN and IP mode on a per call basis.
- User can switch to PSTN line by pressing *00 (or the configured strings) for each call before they are placed. The device will revert back to the default IP mode once the phone is hung up.
- It can allow a PSTN call to ring/call the phone connected to the FXS port.
- It also serves as a life line in case of power outage.
What it CANNOT do:
- Terminate a VoIP call into the PSTN port
- Allow a call from PSTN to route other VoIP devices (different from the FXS phone) over the IP network
- Automatically route calls made by the local user to PSTN line

FXO port:
It can support all the functions of a PSTN pass through plus:
- Terminate a VoIP call into the PSTN port
- Allow a PSTN call to call either the FXS phone or other VoIP devices over the IP network
- Route call automatically and transparently to PSTN line according to user configuration

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