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Voicesource DAR-4001 SD stand alone voice recording unit



Voicesource DAR-4001 SD card stand alone Telephone Recorder

(No PC required)

Voicesource are direct importers of voice recording equipment.

Detailed Description:  (download Brochure here)

Gone are the days of having to use a computer and special software just to record your conversations.  The Voicesource DAR-1001 has a stylish new look, smaller than the original, but packs an amazing 2300 hours of recording time (Depending on SD card storage capacity).  The DAR-1001 is an easy-to-use stand-alone telephone recording system that automatically records your telephone conversations.  These conversations are stored internally to a removable SD card.  It is AC powered, and does not need to be connected to any other devices to record. 

*No special computer skills 
*No complicated software 
*No expensive computer equipment 
*No more headaches

Just plug it into the wall jack, attach your phone, press automatic record and you are done!  The DAR-1001 will start recording whenever the phone that is connected to it is picked up and clearly record both sides of the phone conversation.  The phone conversations are discreetly recorded and conveniently stored on a SD card exactly like the one you use in your digital camera.  Instead of pictures, you’ll see sound files.  The folder that is created on the card is the date and the name of the sound file is the exact time of recording!

This powerful recording device is only 14 cm x 7 cm small, so compact and silent it can be placed almost anywhere.  Works with ALL types of Analogue telephones and landlines.  Take control of your phone and your life with the latest in telephone recording technology. 

Additional Information: 

Recording Time:

- 140 hours of recording (on a 2GB SD card)
- 280 hours of recording (on a 4GB SD card)
- 4GB SD card included 
- Automatically saves recordings as MP3 files

Automatic or Manual Recording:
The DAR-1001 gives you the convenient option of automatically recording incoming and outgoing calls. 

Portable, Lightweight and Non-detectable: 
Gone are the days of the big-bulky manual tape recorders, the DAR-1001 nearly fits in the palm of your hand.  It’s remarkably portable, and can easily be hidden.





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