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VOIP / IPPBX Voice Recording


Voicesource SIP - Voip Call Recording Solution

Voicesource for business

Voicesource SIP for Business is enterprise level solution for recording calls inside IP-based telephony network.

Voicesource SIP is based on innovative packet sniffing technology that allows it to be considerably less expensive than analog-based recording systems.

All calls are recorded directly from IP network and archived on disk storage.


MiaRec Business Network Scheme


Voicesource SIP allows business to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve agents productivity
  • Resolve disputes
  • Increase security
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Reduce costs


Important Things to consider

A call recording system is more than just a phone tap. The ease of finding, playing and handling recorded calls is one point that distinguishes a good from a bad call recording software solution. Others are:

►speed of call retrieval from a large number of recorded calls,
►high storage capacity,
►audio compression (use less disk space),
►audio encryption (only intended parties can listen),
►selectively recording only the local (agent) or only the remote party (customer),
►to manually control which calls should be recorded,
►delivery of call recordings to the call participants by e-mail,
►automatic management of recordings (e.g. automatically deleting recordings that are older than the necessary storage time),
►network wide operation (client-server software),
►the ability to listen into life calls,
►and finally the upgrade and license policy.

Voicesource SIP Business Key features:

Easy to install and administer.
Suitable for large call centers as well as for small companies with only a few seats
Voicesourc SIP for business is enterprise-level solution, designed for 24/7 Voip call recording.
Entirely software-based
Voicesource SIP requires no proprietary hardware, expensive telephony equipment or  complex installation. All calls are recorded directly from IP network and stored on   hard disk.
Unobtrusive technlogy
Voicesource SIP uses passive (packet sniffing based) recording, which doesn't interfere with IP-PBX. 
Multiple recording options
Voicesource SIP records all incoming, outgoing and inter-office calls. It supports filter-based selective recording.
Intuitive calls search and replay
It is easy to find any recorded call using many search parameters such as Date, Time, Caller/Callee Phone Number, Name and others.
Voicesource SIP has call browser user interface software, which can be accessed via any standard desk.Remote access can be done should the software be installed on the remote PC's.
High compatibility
Voicesource SIP is compatible with all major IP-PBX system, which are based on H.323, SIP protocols.
Multiple user interface feature allows assigning monitoring and playback rights on a per user basis.

System Requirements


  • Windows 2000, 2003, XP Pro, Vista, 7
  • 8 MB disk space per hour of conversation


  • Windows operating platforms

Other hardware required:

  • Managed network Switch with Port Mirroring support.(We have compatible switches available)


Voicesource are  South African importers ,distributors and installers for the Voicesource SIP Business Voice Recording Software.


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