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Voip Cordless PABX system



  Professional Cordless Voip (SIP) PABX

(Price applicable to one Base(pabx) and one handset only) (see additional Handsets)

Key Features:
  • Caller Identity with name from phonebook (CID/CLIP)
  • Phonebook: 170 entries
  • Auto answer (when handset is lifted from charger)
  • Call log: incoming/outgoing/missed calls
  • Call return (from call log)
  • Speed dial
  • Call hang up – upon return to charging cradle
  • The phone software can be updated
The DUALphone 3081 is a cordless DECT 2in1 solution, which works both as a cordless SIP VoIP (internet) phone and as an ordinary cordless landline phone. The phone is designed and developed for both residential and SOHO use. With its timeless Scandinavian stylish design it fits into both the modern home and office environment.

With 8 handsets (each with individual phone numbers) connected to the gateway, 3 sip calls and 1 PSTN call simultaneously, and the build in PBX functionality – the phone is a perfect work tool for smaller enterprises and it just makes every day at work a bit easier.
Audio features :
  • Mute (disable microphone – softkey activation)
  • Receiver volume control – 6 levels
  • Ring tones melodies (polyphonic generator, 10 pre-programmed tones)
  • Ringer volume – 6 levels + off (silence ringer)
  • Key sounds – click, DTMF and special tones (2)
  • Low battery & out of range audible warnings
  • Speaker phone
  • Headphone jack (2.5 mm)
Multi-user features :
  • Multiple handset capability: 8 handsets w/ 8 individual VoIP telephone numbers (URI)
  • 3+1 simultaneously calls, 3 VoIP calls and 1 PSTN/landline call.
  • Call transfer, call hold (internal calls)
  • Intercom – handset to handset
  • 3 parts conferencing
  • Call groups
Supported operator services :
  • Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP/CID)
  • Call forward all, on busy, on no answer
  • Voice mail support (reception and handling of voice mail indication, and call to voice mail server)
  • Call transfer via SIP
Telecommunications :
  • Telephony via Internet using a SIP Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • Telephony via Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN/POTS)
  • Range: Indoor up to 50 metres/Outdoor up to 300 metres
  • Talk time: 8 hours/Standby time: 240 hours
  • Speaker phone
  • Graphical color display (128 x 128 bit, 65,536 colors and backlit)
  • Message waiting indicator (missed calls, voice mail)
  • Superior voice quality
Configuration :
  • The DUALphone 3081 can be configured in three ways: “4Steps2SIP”, “Auto-provisioning by ITSP configuration server” or by “Local web-interface”.
“4Steps2SIP” :
  • RTX provides a configuration server with configuration templates for a lot of different Service Providers (ITSPs). The configuration server is accessible from the internet and the end user can choose Service Provider and login to his personal account from the handset in 4 steps.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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