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Cell Routers



Voicesource Telecommunications provides clients with a corporate telecommunications service that offers quality, flexibility, coverage and value. Voicesource Telecommunications provides seamless high-quality calls by making use of ICASA licensed tier-one cellular networks, allowing you to make all your calls directly, without having to use incumbent fixed-line operators or sub-optimal second and third tier Voice over Internet Protocol providers.

What are cellular routers?

Premicell Cell Routers now offer call cost saving on Local, National, International and Cellular calls, whereas in the past cell routers were only available for saving call costs on cellular calls.  With only a minimal installation fee, all equipment is supplied free of charge and maintenance on all equipment is also free for the duration of the contract period signed. 

Cost Savings

The current call rates are as follows:

Local and National calls @ R0,99c per minute billed at per second billing

Cellular calls @ R0,38c per minute billed at per second billing

What does this cost?

All equipment is supplied free of charge and maintenance is free of charge for the duration of the contract period.  There is a minimal installation fee per site irrespecitve of the amount of routers installed.  Kindly contact us directly to confirm this fee.

Monthly line rental per line

1 to 2 cell routers (lines) @ R109-00 per line ex vat per month
3 to 6 cell routers (lines) @ R99-00 per line ex vat per month

7 to 10 cell routers (lines) @ R89-00 per line ex vat per month

11 to 15 cell routers (lines) @ R79-00 per line ex vat per month

16 to 20 cell routers (lines) @ R69-00 per line ex vat per month

21 to 25 cell routers (lines) @ R59-00 per line ex vat per month

26+ cell routers (lines) @ R50-00 per line ex vat per month

Advantages of utilizing the cell router option:-

• Makes use of proven GSM technologies therefore allowing for much better quality
• Speedy installation
• No ADSL needed and no more cabling theft issues
• Pure Per second billing
• Calls to, and from, all networks
• Leading tier-one network infrastructure
• Guaranteed call quality, savings and minimal downtime
• Routing infrastructure quickly and easily transferred between premises
• Tried and tested solution
• Backup in the event of landline cabling issues
• Proactive call monitoring
• Excellent mean time between failures and rapid mean time to repair (when necessary)
• Proven carrier grade itemised billing and invoicing
• ICASA licensed equipment


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