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Privacy & Security(Buying Process)


We have a very strict privacy policies, both on and offline. This applies to personal information (eg: email addresses and names) as well as the delivery of any items purchased.

It is a strict policy that personal information, including email addresses, will never be shared with any third party in any way whatsoever.

If you have any specific concerns regarding privacy, please email us.


Many people are still nervous about ordering and paying online and we understand this completely. This is why we offer secure payment options for both credit card and non-credit card purchases (South Africa only).

Credit Card Purchases

Your payment is processed using a secure encryption (Secure Socket Layer, otherwise known as SSL). This means that your card details are secure during transmission over the internet and cannot be intercepted by any outside party.

We have specifically enlisted the services of certified third party payment processors who provide secure encrypted networks. At no time will you be asked for your banking details while on our website, but will only be required to enter your credit card details once you are ready to pay and are passed onto their secure system.

Once on their site you may be asked to create an account with them, which is a very simple and quick process. This is to further ensure that your private information is secure and also to verify that nobody else is using your card without authorisation.

You will know that you are on a secure (SSL) connection because the page address will begin with https://; rather than just the usual http://;. You will notice the difference as soon as you arrive at any page requiring credit card information. Depending on your browser settings, you may also receive an alert to say that you are about to go to a secure connection. You should use a browser that supports SSL. If you don't have one, you can get a free download of the most recent version of Internet Explorer by clicking here (opens a new window).

Despite the natural fears regarding security, your credit card is as safe online as it is in the ordinary day to day, provided that you are on a secure and encrypted site. The moment your card leaves your hands - at a restaurant - in a store - for even a moment - it is at risk of being fraudulently used. Almost all (if not all) online credit card fraud occurs because someone managed to get hold of your card details offline, so please take care with your normal day to day card security in order to enjoy maximum security with any online purchase that uses SSL.

Buying without a credit card

If you are still uncomfortable with the concept of using your credit card online, we also offer a direct deposit option for South African clients. Simply make your purchase as normal and select this option during the checkout process. You will receive a copy of your order with instructions on how to make payment. Please be sure to forward proof of payment to us so that we can ship your order as soon as possible.

Please note that due to the very high incidence of fraud, we do not accept cheques.

We accept Rands, Euros, Pounds sterling and US Dollars.

Buying process - how does it work?

Once you have loaded the items you want into your shopping cart, simply click on checkout, at the top right of your screen.

You will be asked to either log in or create a new profile where we will ask you for some necessary information.  Remember to verify that you are happy with your purchases. You will then need to complete the payment process.

If you are opting to pay by direct deposit, the process will end here and you will receive an invoice with our banking details. Remember that using this option will delay your purchase being shipped for up to 24 hours after we have received proof of payment.

If you are payng by credit card, you will need to conclude the purchase on our site and then you will automatically be taken to the secure payment gateway. Once you have registered with them, your payment will be processed and the transaction concluded. Your items will be shipped within 24 hours.

When you buy from us at any time in the future, you will simply need to log in and not have to go through the whole process of registering again.

We know that the sign up procedure takes a few minutes and forms are always a pain, but this is to protect everyone, including you. We are sure that your security as well as the great items you will have purchased are worth it

If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to email us.


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